Aquagreen Global, LLC Marketing Audit

Aquagreen Global, LLC Marketing Audit

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AquaGreen Global, LLC is a landscape design build firm that provides park construction, streetscapes, and municipalities services in the Dallas / Fort Worth region. They specialize in combining modern, distinctive designs, and construction services with professional project management. The services offered by AquaGreen Global, LLC were primarily geared toward public entities and municipalities; however, the company was seeking to expand and create a brand presence in the private market. Successful penetration into the private space would require an effective marketing strategy. AquaGreen Global, LLC’s was challenged with how to get started and how best to create a marketing road map that would deliver consistent results.


We worked with AquaGreen Global, LLC to better understand their internal environment through our i-IMMERSION process, which audits existing marketing efforts, key business operations, and information gaps. This process enabled us to identify existing pain points and marketing vulnerabilities that would hinder success in the transition to the private market. Through our intense session we used various techniques to establish long-range goals and what would be required in order to obtain those goals. We quickly aligned with the company’s vision and goals to become a true marketing extension and uncovered a thorough understanding of what it would require to build a successful marketing strategy.


Devin Guin, President can tell it best. Result