Case Studies

Learn about our client success stories with our case studies.

Aquagreen Global, LLC

Marketing Audit


AquaGreen Global, LLC is a landscape design build firm that provides park construction, streetscapes, and municipalities services in the Dallas / Fort Worth region. They specialize in combining modern, distinctive designs, and construction services with professional project management.


The services offered by AquaGreen Global, LLC were primarily geared toward public entities and municipalities; however, the company was seeking to expand and create a brand presence in the private market. Successful penetration into the private space would require an effective marketing strategy.  AquaGreen Global, LLC’s was challenged with how to get started and how best to create a marketing road map that would deliver consistent results.


We worked with AquaGreen Global, LLC to better understand their internal environment through our i-IMMERSION process, which audits  existing marketing efforts, key business operations, and information gaps.  This process enabled us to identify existing pain points and marketing vulnerabilities that would hinder success in the transition to the private market.


 Through our intense session we used various techniques to establish long-range goals and what would be required in order to obtain those goals.  We quickly aligned with the company’s vision and goals to become a true marketing extension and uncovered a thorough understanding of what it would require to build a successful marketing strategy.


Devin Guin, President can tell it best. Click below:


Dallas West Church of Christ

Market Research Study


The DWCC leadership was experiencing challenges attracting new members and retaining the existing membership. The scope of this project was focused on addressing the immediate need which involved the membership turnover. In order to properly address and ensure the appropriate initiatives were implemented, the leadership needed to obtain an in-depth understanding of members attitudes, perceptions, and motivations. This information would help leadership identify the underlying problems, which would guide their efforts and campaigns to improve membership retention.


For this purpose, DWCC hired InCon, LLC to conduct research that would provide the type of information leadership needed to make necessary improvements that would appeal and meet the needs of DWCC stakeholders. The research was centered around the following objectives:


To understand current and previous members attitudes and perceptions toward DWCC.


To understand factors that influence and motivate members to be active.


To identify unmet needs and desires of current and previous members the DWCC failed to meet.


Our approach included a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Below gives a quick snapshot of all phases of the project:


Internal Data: Access to the DWCC internal data was a critical component and need for InCon, LLC. The type of information by which InCon, LLC gained access consisted of the DWCC membership database (i.e. Excel spreadsheet) that listed all those who have been a DWCC member within the past 5 years.

Membership Demographic Assessment: This demographic assessment was done to give leadership a true understanding of their existing membership composition, as well as to help determine who were existing DWCC members and who were no longer members of DWCC.  

Focus Group Study: Considering there was not a clear understanding of the existing concerns, attitudes, perceptions, and needs amongst the membership, a series of focus groups were conducted. The focus groups  were used give better understanding of the problem as well as how best to develop the quantitative instrument. 

InCon, LLC used a survey questionnaire (which is a quantitative method) for the validation of information obtained during the focus groups sessions and to measure perceptions, motivations, needs, desires, and differences.


The DWCC leadership became completely aware of the internal issues that have impeded Church growth. They have been ale to implement the right initiatives to focus on retention and outreach. The information was also used to help develop the Church brand and how best to engage audiences they seek to attract.

The Cookie Crave

Marketing Strategy


The Cookie Craves is a gourmet/specialty cookie company located in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro. More specifically, the company has honed in on a particular niche focused on consumer with ‘nut-allergies’ as well as those who identify themselves as ‘vegan’.

The company is transitioning from the start-up phase of the business life-cycle to the growth phase,  but the company’s marketing is limited which has hampered the ability to grow. Leadership needed direction, focus, and marketing road map that would help achieve their goals.


Leadership hired InCon to develop their long-range marketing strategy. This situation was special, so we chose a holistic approach to meet the company’s needs. Below gives a quick snapshot of all phases of the project:


 iIMMERSION Session: This session was used to better understand the company’s direction, industry, and marketing vulnerabilities.

Internal Operation Review: We needed to understand the company’s capability and capacity to handle an increased amount of customers. We reviewed internal operations to identify weaknesses and inefficiencies.

 Market Research Study: We took time to research the market, competition, customers, and a deep dive into the industry.

Branding: We completely rebranded the company to better tell their story in a way that would resonate well with the audience. Our efforts included:

Brand and Identity Direction 

Brand Message & Guide​

Website Content, Branding Taglines, and marketing content

Marketing Collateral & Visual Representation

 Marketing Strategy: Based on the insights from our market research study, we developed a marketing strategy that created multiple touch points to reach new customers and better engage existing ones. 


The Cookie Crave previously relied on one marketing channel to reach its customers. With the direction of InCon, the company has a multi-faceted marketing strategy that leverages multiple marketing channels to increase the pipeline of new customers. In addition to new customer acquisition, the marketing strategy incorporates tactics designed to optimize existing customer spend.

This is an ongoing project that’s currently being implement. While some success has been achieved, detailed results will be provided as the project matures.

L-Sync Solutions


L-Sync is a Dallas based construction, logistics, and supply chain consulting company. The company has been branded amongst its potential clients as a logistics company. The company asked InCon, LLC to revamp its brand and provide branding expertise to integrate with its key stakeholders and potential clients. The project focused on addressing the following issues:

The existing brand didn’t tell the company’s full story and caused market confusion.


The brand failed to resonate with the desired target audience – this impacted awareness and perception.


The brand content didn’t speaks directly to market needs and shortfalls to provoke a market reaction.


Our approach focused on providing direction for the creation of the company’s rebrand campaign. To deliver this project we were able to leverage almost every core solution of our company in one project. The following process was followed:

1. Initial Assessment

2. Brand Messaging Session

3. Research & Insights

4. Brand Creation & Strategy


Through our comprehensive process we were able to deliver a quality product that appeals to the company’s four major audiences: Leadership, Competition, Existing Clientele, and Potential Clients. Consideration of these groups ensured the rebrand was not created off mere intuition but based on intelligence that would enable the creation of a meaningful brand that resonates with those L Sync seeks to do business with.