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L-Sync is a Dallas based construction, logistics, and supply chain consulting company. The company has been branded amongst its potential clients as a logistics company. The company asked InCon, LLC to revamp its brand and provide branding expertise to integrate with its key stakeholders and potential clients. The project focused on addressing the following issues:


  • The existing brand didn’t tell the company’s full story and caused market confusion.
  • The brand failed to resonate with the desired target audience – this impacted awareness and perception.
  • The brand content didn’t speaks directly to market needs and shortfalls to provoke a market reaction.


Our approach focused on providing direction for the creation of the company’s rebrand campaign. To deliver this project we were able to leverage almost every core solution of our company in one project.

The following process was followed:

Initial Assessment – Our indoctrination process helped us understand our L Sync, their industry, and missing
information that has caused a gap in their ability to create an effective brand message that will resonate with both
existing and potential clients.

Brand Messaging Session – This was an in-depth session designed to uncover the core brand message leadership
wants to articulate to the market. The session served as the foundation for the development of all verbal and visual
guides for communicating L Sync’s brand across all customer touch points.

• Brand Definition & Core Identity Elements
• B2B Content & Copy

Research & Insights – We leveraged our advanced research capabilities to ensure the desired message aligned
with the market’s needs and desires. The insights we obtained through this process helped shape the brand
message and identity as well as highlighted the appropriate digital and traditional marketing channels that would be
best for the official launch.
• Message Testing and Market Reaction
• Customer Satisfaction and Interviews
• Competitive Discovery and Analysis

Brand Creation & Strategy – We created L Sync’s brand and identity based on the information we were able to
obtain. This approach enables us to effectively execute vital branding & marketing assets consisting of:
• Design Concept & Style Guides
• New Company Logo
• Corporate Identity/ Stationary Design
• Website Messaging & Content
• Marketing Collateral
• Marketing Launch & Implementation Consulting


Another extremely happy and loyal client.

Through our comprehensive process, we were able to deliver a quality brand strategy that allows L-Sync to appeal to its ideal audiences well stick out in the marketplace against its competitors. Lync’s brand message now aligns with its core competencies and truly represents all the services the company offers.

The president of Joe James had this to say, “This has had a direct impact on return on investment because those you want to do business with clearly understand the value you can bring to their organization. “Our new brand allowed us to have a quick snapshot of who we are, our past performances and our capabilities.”