Marketing Audits

Delivering marketing focus and providing strategic direction.

Doing better starts with knowing better

We give our clients the knowledge necessary to build, improve, or simply enhance market and customer engagement. We use our proprietary process and technology to immerse into our clients’ operations in order to identify vulnerabilities and gaps that require action. Our unique approach is suitable for a variety of business types across multiple industries.

We Assess Your Industry

Marketing varies according to the industry. One size does not fit all and we perform a deep dive to ensure we are knowledgeable of our clients’ industry. Our concepts and recommendations are appropriate and tailored for a seamless, non-disruptive relationship.

We Explore Your Brand

We truly take the time to learn our client, their brand, and how they operate. This is where we take a deep-dive to understand where the client desires to be and what it will take from a marketing perspective to get there.

We assess our clients from a different perspective, helping to identify internal vulnerabilities that are impeding growth and explore opportunities for improvements. This will ensure the right processes are in place to support increased demand created by effective marketing initiatives.

We Assess Your Marketing Efforts

Creating a marketing strategy will require the right insights to ensure marketing clarity and risk mitigation. Obtaining the right insights and understanding where the gaps exist enables us to create the proper plan forward. We explore your marketing foundation, review your social media and other digital marketing, assess your website, review existing customer profile, and so much more...

Start improving today!


Our Process

The initial step for us to grow organically with our clients.

This action packed marketing audit allow us to truly learn your business, so we will know the best path forward for growth. Our ultimate goals is to help both InCon and the clients identify vulnerabilities and gaps impeding marketing success.




Our Technology

The marketing intelligence tool that uncovers marketing blind spots and visualizes multi-channel marketing spend for Awareness, Improvement, and Increased ROI