Marketing Research and Insights

Engaging the market with the right message through the appropriate channel

We offer our clients a range of studies we can perform.

Market Research & Feasibility

Industry Analysis Market Needs & Desires Market Gaps & Opportunities Go-to-Market Research And much more…

Competitive Intelligence

Bench-marking Shopping Competition Shopping Competitive Positioning Competitive Offerings Market Share And much more…

Customer Engagement Research

Customer Experience & Satisfaction Customer Profiling & Segmentation Customer Feedback Loyalty Tracking

Branding Research

Brand Awareness Brand Equity Brand Image/Perception Brand Performance Tracking Brand Positioning & Mapping And much more…

Marketing Campaign Research

Concept, ad and message testing

How we do it…

Through our qualitative and quantitative research methods, our clients are more equipped to engage their audience and create profitable marketing strategies.

Online surveys
Mobile surveys
Intercept interviews
One-on-one interviews (Phone, in-person, online)
Focus groups (On and offline)

Message boards
Ethnographies (In-home, shop-alongs),
In-store observation
Mystery shopping
Online Discussion Forums
Online Text or Chat Discussions