How to reduce stress and get more customers? Key Steps to Improve Your Marketing Plan

How to reduce stress and get more customers?

Key Steps to Improve Your Marketing Plan

“Marketing is hard when you don’t know what you are doing”

Ever find yourself spending so much time reading others’ content and taking “Quick” courses to get helpful tips to improve your marketing skills? The struggling of sifting through so much content to find the single thing that you are really looking for is extremely exhausting.

This has been a very huge pain point for me as I have worked to grow my company. The funny thing I have found is many small business owners as well as marketers working for medium-sized companies share the same struggle “We are always looking for ways to improve”.

I believe the need to improve is always important because the pressures of marketing improvement of rear their ugly head when trying to keep the lights on to your company or trying to convince your executive team that you are a true value add and your marketing is going to help grow the company.

While taking a course and reading high volumes of content can definitely add value, it is often extremely time-consuming; especially when you are looking for immediate impacts.  

Here’s my solution when I want to identify what I am doing wrong, trying to find areas that need adjusting, or trying to determine the best way to implement a new marketing strategy.

Conduct a marketing audit. Regardless of if you are looking at the overall marketing program or need to look at a particular marketing function (e.g. advertising), an audit will pinpoint the exact weakness or things you need to do that marketing function most effective way possible.

The 1st question is “How will this one single activity improve my abilities and skills? “

Well, let’s starts with the basics of “What is a Marketing audit?” A marketing audit is a full diagnostic of all your marketing activities and resources or a single marketing function using a systematic process that identifies marketing trouble spots and opportunities for the purpose of better marketing planning, decision making, marketing execution.

The 2nd question is “Why is it important?

Why a marketing audit is important is the same reason taking an annual medical exam is important. Or the same reason you have performance evaluations on the job is the reason. Fundamentally, you can’t create, execute, or improve what you don’t know.

So the very thing you need to grow your business (marketing), you will not be able to plan, strategize, or execute it if you don’t how or what is needed. The marketing audit is so important because it will uncover all the major marketing issues that will hinder your ability to plan and mark good marketing decisions.

The 3rd question is “What are some of the tangible benefits of a marketing audit?

There are so many benefits, but for the sake of space I have provided the following:

  • Allows you to refocus your marketing activities to align back with your big picture. This becomes extremely hard to do when you are executing the day-to-day responsibilities of running a small business.
  • Allows you to quickly determine what is working and what is not working.
  • Help you identify new ideas and different strategies that are more effective.
  • Assesses specific marketing activities, marketing environment, as well as the internal marketing system to identify all marketing trouble spots
  • Save you thousands of dollars that can be wasted by implement ill-prepared marketing strategies.
  • Helps owners, marketers, and top executives ensure that they are doing the right things to help drive company growth.
  • Serves as a marketing report card that leads to making effective changes in the marketing strategy-based facts, analysis, and data.
  • Help new marketing leaders reduce the learning curve by quickly assessing the current marketing program to carefully plan strategies in their new responsibilities.  
  • Identify marketing problems early and solve them before costly mistakes occur.
  • It’s crucial for ensuring you drive the best possible ROI for the company.

The 4th question is “Why are marketing audits not used by every business?

A few reasons I have noticed that may fit your situation.

  1. Of course, conducting a marketing audit is not always easy. Where do you start? What do you need to audit? How do you need to do the audit? These are questions that many just don’t have the answer to.
  2. Traditional marketing audits can be expensive and time-consuming.
  3. As owners and marketers, we get so focused on seeing immediate results, performing a complete audit is the last thing on the mind or not on the mind at all. Which brings me to my fourth point.
  4. Many people just don’t know about a marketing audit and its benefits.

The 5th question is what my proposed solution for companies to easily perform a marketing audit?

Leverage a marketing auditing technology to perform your marketing audit. One platform is i-REVEAL, which is a marketing intelligence platform that has a robust marketing auditing feature. It was created for:

  • Companies that don’t have internal or external resources to get a good marketing audit.
  • Gives you the expertise to do the very thing that’s needed to improve your marketing.
  • Concisely performs an audit according to your marketing capacity and resourcing
  • Makes marketing auditing that typically costs thousands of dollars to perform affordable for smaller companies.
  • Delivers insights on which actions are needed to improve every aspect of your marketing plan.
  • It also includes marketing ROI tracking.

The last question is “How do You Know if i-REVEAL is for You?”

If you are in the following situations, i-REVEAL is great for you: 1. Want to grow, 2. Have had a bad experience with marketing, 3. Want better marketing results.

These situations typically align with the following groups:

Solopreneurs & Small Business – For the entrepreneurs who are good at what they offer, but often struggle with marketing

Small & Midsize Companies – For the “marketer” who has grown with the company and been placed in a marketing role with little knowledge

Agencies & Consultants – For the agencies and consultants looking for a quick way to assess their clients’ marketing program

Start Improving Your Marketing Now!!!

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